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Arruga Micro Needle Holders – 135mm


Arruga Micro Needle Holders 135mm, specialized spring forceps meticulously crafted to assist in holding needles during intricate suturing procedures. With its innovative features, this needle holder offers optimal convenience, control, and precision for surgical tasks.

Key Features:

  • Serrated Jaws with Two Shapes: The needle holder is equipped with serrated jaws featuring two different shapes for optimal convenience. One shape provides horizontal serrations, while the other offers a combination of horizontal and cross-serrations, ensuring secure holds on various types of needles and materials.
  • Spring Handles: Featuring spring handles, our needle holder allows for convenient and swift manipulations, facilitating precise handling of needles during suturing procedures.
  • Ratchet Lock: The ratchet lock enhances the operator's control by providing a secure locking mechanism, ensuring stability and precision during suturing tasks.
  • 135mm Length: With a length of 135mm, this needle holder offers versatility and adaptability for various surgical procedures, allowing for efficient suturing in tight surgical sites.

Experience superior control, convenience, and precision in suturing procedures with our Arruga Micro Needle Holders 135mm


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