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Arruga Tissue Forceps 70mm

  • Atraumatic Cup-Shaped Jaws: The Arruga Capsule Forceps feature atraumatic cup-shaped jaws designed to minimize local trauma during surgical procedures. Surgeons can trust these forceps to engage and remove a part of the anterior lens capsule with care, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Reliable Spring Mechanism: These forceps are equipped with a reliable spring mechanism that allows for controlled clamping pressure. Surgeons can achieve the necessary grip without causing unnecessary stress to the surrounding tissues, contributing to patient safety and surgical success.
  • Ergonomic Flat Handles: The forceps come with ergonomic flat handles designed to provide maximum control during surgical maneuvers. Surgeons can confidently navigate delicate ocular procedures with these handles, minimizing fatigue and enhancing precision.


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