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Bruns Plaster of Paris Shear – Heavy Duty (235mm)


The Bruns Plaster of Paris Shear is a specialized heavy-duty instrument designed for cutting open and adjusting plaster casts and other dressings during orthopedic and general surgeries. It is a preferred tool by surgeons for its reliability and efficiency in working with plaster casts.

Key Features:

  • Blunt Curved Blades: Equipped with blunt curved blades for effortless dissection of plaster casts.
  • Short Blades: Short blades are designed to increase precision during the cutting process.
  • Large Ring Handle: Features a large ring handle for comfortable handling, providing surgeons with ease of use.

Choose the Bruns Plaster of Paris Shear for a reliable and efficient tool in orthopedic and general surgical procedures, ensuring precise and comfortable cutting of plaster casts.


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