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Davis Sterilizer Forceps 160mm

  • Length: 160mm
  • Type: Sterilizer Forceps
  • The Davis Sterilizer Forceps, with a length of 160mm, are specialized forceps designed for use in sterilization processes. These forceps are likely utilized in medical or laboratory settings where maintaining a sterile environment is crucial.
  • Sterilizer forceps are commonly used to handle sterilized instruments, materials, or objects without contaminating them. They play a vital role in ensuring that sterile conditions are maintained during medical procedures, surgeries, or laboratory work.
  • The specific design and features of Davis Sterilizer Forceps may vary, and they are likely made from materials suitable for sterilization processes.
  • The forceps are an essential tool in environments where preventing the spread of infection and maintaining cleanliness are top priorities.


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