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Debakey Vascular Tissue Forceps


The Debakey Vascular Tissue Forceps are indispensable tools for holding and manipulating delicate tissues, particularly in cardiovascular procedures. These forceps play a crucial role in accessing thick tissue in confined spaces where fingers may not suffice. Available in two sizes, 150mm and 200mm, these forceps feature 1.5mm tips for precise and controlled handling.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized for Cardiovascular Procedures: Designed specifically for cardiovascular procedures, the Debakey Vascular Tissue Forceps excel in holding and manipulating delicate tissues with precision.
  2. Two Sizes Available (150mm and 200mm): Choose the size that best suits your procedural needs. The forceps are available in both 150mm and 200mm lengths, providing options for various surgical requirements.
  3. 1.5mm Tips for Precision: The forceps are equipped with 1.5mm tips, ensuring precise and controlled handling of tissues, allowing surgeons to work with confidence in intricate cardiovascular surgeries.
  4. Versatile Application: Ideal for accessing thick tissues in small spaces, these forceps are versatile instruments that contribute to the success of various cardiovascular procedures.

Choose the Debakey Vascular Tissue Forceps for a reliable and specialized instrument that meets the demands of cardiovascular surgeries. With two size options and 1.5mm tips, these forceps offer precision and control for delicate tissue manipulation in critical medical procedures.


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