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Dieffenbach Bulldog Clamp Set – 38mm and 48mm


Dieffenbach Bulldog Clamp Set, including sizes 38mm and 48mm, is a specialized surgical instrument designed for use in cardiothoracic procedures to control blood flow in vessels and tissues. These clamps feature a cross-action design with curved jaws, facilitating precise and secure occlusion of blood vessels during surgical interventions. Crafted from premium-grade German stainless steel, these clamps ensure durability, reliability, and optimal performance in the operating room.

Key Features:

  1. Cross-Action Design: The Dieffenbach Bulldog Clamps feature a cross-action mechanism that enables easy and efficient manipulation during surgical procedures. This design allows the jaws to open and close perpendicular to the clamp's axis, providing a firm and secure grip on blood vessels for effective hemostasis.
  2. Curved Jaws: The clamps are equipped with curved jaws that conform to the natural contours of blood vessels, ensuring uniform pressure distribution and minimizing tissue trauma during occlusion. The curved design facilitates precise positioning of the clamp on vessels of varying sizes, enhancing surgical accuracy and efficacy.
  3. Multiple Sizes: The set includes clamps in two commonly used sizes – 38mm and 48mm – offering versatility and flexibility to surgeons in addressing different anatomical variations and surgical requirements. The availability of multiple sizes ensures optimal occlusion of vessels of varying diameters, enhancing procedural outcomes.
  4.  Stainless Steel: Constructed from 100% medical-grade German stainless steel, these Bulldog Clamps are durable, corrosion-resistant, and autoclavable, ensuring long-term performance and sterility in surgical settings.
  5. Reusable and Lightweight: Designed for reusability, these clamps are lightweight yet robust, offering ease of handling and maneuverability during surgical procedures


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