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Enhancing Precision in Oral Surgery: The Roser-Koenig Mouth Gag in 160mm and 185mm Sizes

  1. Variable Sizes for Versatile Application:
    • The availability of the Roser-Koenig Mouth Gag in both 160mm and 185mm sizes caters to the diverse needs of surgical scenarios, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in different patient cases.
  2. Bayonet-Shaped Jaws for Unobstructed Access:
    • The instrument is equipped with bayonet-shaped jaws, a design feature specifically engineered to prevent any obstruction within the surgical field. This ensures uninterrupted access, crucial for precision during oral surgeries.
  3. Outer Serrations for Secure Interlocking:
    • The terminal part of the jaws boasts outer serrations, providing a secure interlocking mechanism with teeth. This feature ensures optimal fixation, creating a stable and controlled environment for surgeons to work with confidence.
  4. Ratcheted System with Adjustable Lever:
    • The Roser-Koenig Mouth Gag features a ratcheted system, seamlessly operated by a lever. Surgeons can easily manipulate the ratchet by pressing the lever, allowing for precise adjustments to the mouth opening width. This adaptability proves invaluable in accommodating the unique requirements of diverse surgical procedures.
  5. Premium Grade Stainless Steel:
    • Manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel, the Roser-Koenig Mouth Gag ensures the highest quality instruments in the operating room. The use of durable materials underscores a commitment to reliability, longevity, and maintaining stringent hygiene standards in surgical settings.


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