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Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps -180mm


Bergmann-Foerster Sponge Forceps, with a length of 250mm, stands out as a versatile and specialized surgical instrument meticulously crafted for securely holding sponges or swabs during a diverse range of surgical procedures. This instrument's unique design incorporates both serrated and smooth jaws, providing surgeons with the flexibility to choose the most suitable surface based on the surgical requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Serrated and Smooth Jaws: The forceps are equipped with both serrated and smooth jaws, offering surgeons the choice between surfaces for holding sponges. The serrated jaws provide a firm grip and prevent slippage, while the smooth jaws offer an alternative for delicate tissues or specific surgical requirements. This dual-jaw design enhances the adaptability of the forceps in various surgical scenarios.
  2. Optimal Length for Surgical Precision: With a length of 250mm, these forceps provide the necessary reach and precision required for surgical tasks. The elongated design ensures access to deep surgical sites, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the instrument during procedures.
  3. Versatile Application in Gynecological Procedures: The forceps find particular relevance in gynecological surgeries, where the combination of serrated and smooth jaws becomes especially valuable
  4. .Clinical Applications: Bergmann-Foerster Sponge Forceps are essential tools in surgical settings, finding widespread application in various procedures, with a particular emphasis on gynecological surgeries. The forceps facilitate the secure holding of sponges, offering versatility through the availability of both serrated and smooth jaws


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