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Gerald Tissue Forceps


Gerald Tissue Forceps are specialized instruments available in various lengths (175mm straight, 175mm curved, and 230mm straight), designed for the delicate handling of soft tissues, particularly in cardiothoracic procedures. These forceps are characterized by their light to intermediate weight and feature very narrow tips that make them suitable for precision work.

  1. Length Options: Available in 175mm (straight and curved) and 230mm (straight).
  2. Light to Intermediate Weight: Suitable for delicate tissue handling.
  3. Very Narrow Tips: Facilitates precision work in cardiothoracic procedures.
  4. Stop Peg: Prevents excessive tissue compression.
  5. Teeth on Tips: Provides a firm grip on delicate tissues.

Gerald Tissue Forceps, with their various length options, are valuable tools in the hands of surgeons requiring precision and gentleness when handling soft tissues. Their design features contribute to their effectiveness in cardiothoracic procedures where delicate tissue manipulation is a critical aspect of the surgery.




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