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Gillies Dissecting Forcep -155mm


Gillies Dissecting Forcep, measuring 155mm, is a versatile surgical instrument designed for the grasping of delicate tissues. Its narrow profile gives it a special role in deep dissection, making it commonly used during general, cardiovascular, and gynecological surgeries. The forcep features toothed tips for a secure grip, cross serrations to prevent soft tissue damage, and is lightweight for comfortable handling during surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Multipurpose Surgical Instrument: The Gillies Dissecting Forcep is a multipurpose tool suitable for grasping delicate tissues in various surgical settings.
  2. Optimal Length (155mm): Measuring 155mm, the forcep offers optimal control and maneuverability, making it versatile for different surgical applications.
  3. Toothed Tips for Secure Grip: The forcep features toothed tips, ensuring a secure grip on delicate tissues during surgical interventions.
  4. Cross Serrations to Prevent Tissue Damage: Cross serrations on the forcep help prevent soft tissue damage, contributing to the precision and success of surgical procedures.
  5. Lightweight for Comfortable Handling: Designed to be lightweight, the forcep provides comfortable handling for surgeons during prolonged surgical procedures.


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