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Gruenwald Nasal Forceps – 200mm


Gruenwald Nasal Forceps, measuring 200mm in length, are specialized instruments designed to assist rhinology doctors in the insertion of gauze materials with medications. These forceps are invaluable for layered packing of gauze in cases of epistaxis. With grip handles for controlled manipulations, bayonet shafts for enhanced visual and surgical access, and serrated jaws for reliable grasps on different materials, Gruenwald Nasal Tampon Forceps play a crucial role in treating nasal diseases, particularly bleeding, by packing gauze materials into the cavity to stop blood and delivering medications to treat infections.

Key Features:

  1. Grip Handles for Controlled Manipulations: Equipped with grip handles, these forceps provide controlled manipulations, allowing surgeons to precisely insert gauze materials and medications.
  2. Bayonet Shafts for Enhanced Visual and Surgical Access: The bayonet shafts enhance visual and surgical access, ensuring doctors can work with precision during rhinology and epistaxis procedures.
  3. Serrated Jaws for Reliable Grasps: The serrated jaws of the forceps ensure reliable grasps on different materials, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures.
  4. Designed for Rhinology and Epistaxis Procedures: Gruenwald Nasal Tampon Forceps are specifically designed to assist in rhinology procedures, such as the insertion of gauze materials, and in cases of epistaxis where layered packing is required.


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