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Hospital Furniture Covers – Multiple Sizes for Chairs to Sofas, Custom Colors Available

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Ensure the protection and cleanliness of hospital furniture with our versatile Furniture Covers, available in various sizes to suit chairs, sofas, and more. Crafted for healthcare settings, these covers offer an extra layer of defense against dust and contaminants.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Sizing: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate hospital furniture, ranging from small chairs to larger sofas, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Protective Shield: Designed to safeguard furniture from dust and contaminants, maintaining cleanliness in healthcare environments.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from quality materials, offering durability and long-term protection for hospital furniture.
  • Customization Options: Colored cover variations available upon request, allowing customization for specific furniture types or color-coded organization.

Enhance the cleanliness and longevity of hospital furniture with these purpose-designed covers. From small chairs to sofas, these covers offer reliable protection, preserving the cleanliness and integrity of hospital furniture in diverse healthcare settings.

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92"x45", 84"x45", 76"x45", 70"x45", 54"x45", 50"x45", 152"x45", 134"x45", 106"x45"


160, 175, 200, 215, 275, 300, 100, 110, 140


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