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Hunt Tumor Grasping Forcep – 200mm

  • Discover the versatility and precision of the Hunt Tumor Grasping Forcep 200mm, a specialized instrument designed to excel in various surgical scenarios.
  • With serrated tips ensuring a firm grip, this force is your trusted companion for grasping soft tissues, skin, and gauze during packing procedures.
  • The angled jaws provide expansive tissue access, making it indispensable in general, gynecological, trauma, and specialized surgeries.
  • Crafted with an ergonomic design, these forceps offer superior control, allowing surgeons to navigate with confidence and precision.
  • The 200mm length adds to its adaptability across different procedures, providing a reliable and efficient tool for surgical interventions.
  • Upgrade your surgical toolkit with the Hunt Tumor Grasping Forcep 200mm – where reliability, versatility, and ergonomic excellence converge for optimal surgical outcomes.


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