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Lab Transport Absorbent Sheets: Leak-Proof Protection for Specimens – 4 Sizes

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  • Absorbent Sheets, available in four convenient sizes, designed to streamline laboratory processes and ensure secure specimen transportation. These sheets serve as a crucial risk reduction measure, effectively containing and absorbing any liquid leaks associated with handling and shipping diagnostic specimens or infectious substances.
  • Crafted to be lightweight, they optimize space and reduce shipping costs without compromising on safety.
  • These sheets boast an innovative design that transforms leaked fluids into a gel-like mass, preventing leaks and creating an additional protective barrier to enhance worker safety.
  • Ideal for laboratories and specimen transportation, these Absorbent Sheets are a reliable solution for mitigating risks, safeguarding against leaks, and maintaining a secure environment for handling sensitive materials.

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3"x 3", 3"x 6", 6" x 6", 12"x 12"


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