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Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps (3×3 teeth)- 155mm

Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps 155mm are specialized surgical instruments meticulously crafted to aid surgeons in the separation and dissection of parathyroid tissues during goiter surgeries.

Key Features:

  1. Capacious Finger Rings: Designed with capacious finger rings, these forceps enable surgeons to perform controlled movements with ease and precision. The spacious rings accommodate fingers comfortably, enhancing grip stability and facilitating smooth tissue manipulation.
  2. Ratchet Locks: Equipped with ratchet locks, the forceps feature self-retaining clamps that ensure secure tissue grasping and prevent slippage during surgical procedures. The ratchet mechanism allows surgeons to adjust the clamping force as needed, enhancing control and safety.
  3. Two Profiles Available: The forceps are available in two profiles to accommodate diverse surgical approaches and preferences. Surgeons can choose between different lengths and tooth configurations to suit the specific requirements of their surgical technique and patient anatomy.
  4. Teethed Jaws: The forceps 3x3 Teeth feature teethed jaws designed to securely grasp tough fibrous tissues and muscles, minimizing the risk of slippage and ensuring a stable grip throughout the procedure. The inner curves of the jaws are carefully shaped to prevent injuries to surrounding structures and delicate tissues.


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