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McIndoe Dissecting Forceps – Size – 150mm


McIndoe Dissecting Forceps, with a length of 150mm, feature straight, non-toothed tips with serrated surfaces. These forceps are dressing forceps equipped with a stabilizing pin and delicate diamond jaws, specifically designed for grasping fine tissue.

These forceps find common applications in surgical procedures where the manipulation of delicate tissues is crucial. The narrow blades of the forceps allow for precise manipulation and exploration of hard-to-reach places. They are commonly used in ophthalmic, plastic, and maxillofacial surgeries.

Key Features:

  1. Extremely Thin Jaws: The forceps have extremely thin jaws, allowing for deep tissue access in surgical procedures.
  2. Serrations and Teeth: Serrated surfaces on the tips provide a secure grip on delicate tissues during manipulation.
  3. Spring Handle: The forceps are equipped with a spring handle, enhancing control and facilitating superior precision during use.

McIndoe Dissecting Forceps are known for their high quality, making them suitable for delicate tissue handling in various medical settings. Their design and features make them valuable tools for surgeons requiring fine and controlled manipulation during surgical interventions.


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