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Olivecrona Pituitary Scissors – Angled


Surgical’s Olivecrona Pituitary Scissors are versatile and designed for general purposes, particularly in procedures such as craniotomies. These scissors feature an angled design with an extra-long shaft, allowing for easy access to deeper layers of the brain through small openings. The instrument is crafted for precision and comfort, featuring ring handles for a secure grip during surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  • Angled Design: Offset at an angle for ease of access to deeper layers of the brain.
  • Extra-Long Shaft: Facilitates reaching areas through small openings, enhancing surgical precision.
  • Versatile Use: General-purpose scissors are suitable for various surgical procedures, including craniotomies.
  • Ring Handles: Ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping during surgical tasks.

Olivecrona Pituitary Scissors by Novo Surgical are essential tools for neurosurgeons, providing the precision and access needed in delicate procedures. Trust in the quality and design of these angled scissors for successful outcomes in craniotomies and other neurosurgical applications


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