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Premium Sterile Irrigation Tray: Syringe with Tip Protector, Ideal for Various Sterile Procedures

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  • Sterile Premium Irrigation Tray: Equipped with a 60 mL Bulb Syringe, Tip Protector, Graduated marks, Drape, and Antiseptic Wipe. Latex-free construction ensures safety. Ideal for various sterile procedures.

  • Allegiance Perineal Irrigation Bottle: A Spray Bottle available in packs of 50, facilitating perineal irrigation.

  • Syringe Bulb Variants: Sterile 60 mL with Tip Protector (Latex-free) in packs of 50, Non-Sterile 2.5oz Ear-Ulcer Syringe in packs of 20, and Sterile Blue 2 oz Ear-Ulcer Syringe in packs of 50.

  • Non-Sterile Blue Bulb Syringe: 60 cc capacity, available in packs of 250, catering to varied medical requirements.

  • Sterile 60mL Flat Top Piston Syringe: Features a Tip Protector, devoid of Natural Rubber Latex, suitable for diverse medical applications.

  • Ear Ulcer Syringe in 1 oz Clear variant, available in packs of 50: A specialized solution for ear care procedures.

       Each product is meticulously designed to meet industry standards, ensuring reliability and safety for both sterile and non-sterile medical procedures.

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60 ml, N/A, 2.5 oz, 2 oz, 60 cc, 1 oz


20, N/A, 50, 48, 50, 250


Irrigation Tray with Bulb Syringe, Irrigation Tray Piston Syringe, Spray Bottle, Syringe Bulb, Syringe


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