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Rampley Sponge Forceps – 180mm and 250mm


Rampley Sponge Forceps, with a length of 180mm and 250mm, represent a reliable and essential tool in surgical settings, designed to securely grasp and hold sponges, swabs, gauze, dressings, or bandages. The forceps feature straight jaws with looped tips, providing an optimal configuration for a wide range of surgical procedures, including gynecological interventions

  1. Straight Jaws with Looped Tips: The forceps are equipped with straight jaws featuring looped tips, enhancing their versatility in handling various surgical materials. The design of the jaws accommodates different shapes and sizes of sponges and swabs, allowing for efficient use in diverse surgical procedures.
  2. Elongated Design for Secure Grasping: The elongated jaws of the forceps contribute to secure grasping, providing a firm hold on sponges and swabs during surgical interventions. This design ensures stability and control, essential for maintaining a clear and organized surgical field.
  3. Serrated Tips for Anti-Slip Grip: The serrated tips on the jaws play a crucial role in preventing slippage of surgical materials. The serrations create a secure grip, reducing the likelihood of accidental displacement during procedures. This feature enhances the safety and effectiveness of the forceps in various surgical applications.
  4. Ring Handles for Ease of Use: The forceps are designed with ring handles, promoting ease of use for surgeons and facilitating precise control during surgical procedures.


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