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Rohrschneider Needle Holder – 100mm


Rohrschneider Needle Holder 100mm, a heavy-duty instrument designed for securely holding surgical needles during various medical procedures. This needle holder features straight, smooth jaws and a flat handle for precise control and handling.

Key Features:

  • Straight Smooth Jaws: The needle holder is equipped with straight, smooth jaws that provide a firm grip on surgical needles, ensuring secure handling and precise suturing during procedures.
  • Heavy-Duty Design: Built to withstand rigorous surgical tasks, this needle holder is crafted from durable materials, offering reliability and longevity in surgical settings.
  • Flat Handle: The flat handle design provides ergonomic comfort and optimal control for surgeons, facilitating precise manipulation of needles and sutures with ease.
  • 100mm Length: With a length of 100mm, this needle holder offers versatility and adaptability for various surgical procedures, allowing for efficient suturing in different anatomical locations

Enhanced precision and control in surgical suturing with our Rohrschneider Needle Holder 100mm. Trust in its superior design and durability to optimize surgical outcomes and streamline procedural efficiency in medical interventions.


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