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Satinsky Scissors – 245mm


Satinsky Scissors, with a length of 245mm, are uniquely designed for application in cardiothoracic surgeries. The slim and elongated shanks, combined with a small jaw size, make these scissors well-suited for reaching deep into the surgical area and performing small, precise cuts. The instrument is further enhanced with a suitable contour and blunt tips to prevent damage to surrounding tissue.

Key Features:

  • Length: 245mm size for extended reach and versatility in cardiothoracic surgeries.
  • Slim and Elongated Design: Facilitates reaching deep into the surgical area for small, precise cuts.
  • Small Jaw Size: Allows for precise cutting in intricate cardiothoracic procedures.
  • Suitable Contour: Designed for a more suitable contour in the surgical area.
  • Blunt Tips: Prevents damage to surrounding tissue during surgical maneuvers.
  • Superior Quality: Crafted with clinical-grade material for reliability and performance..
  • Easy Instruments Care: Suitable for all standard sterilization procedures for easy care and maintenance.

Satinsky Scissors are specialized instruments that provide surgeons with the precision and reach required in cardiothoracic surgeries. Trust in the superior quality, design, and ease of maintenance of Satinsky Scissors for successful outcomes in these intricate procedures.


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