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Silicone ECG Electrodes – Exploratory Set of Six for Precise Cardiac Monitoring

Optimize your cardiac monitoring with the Silicone ECG Electrodes, designed for exploratory purposes to ensure precise ECG readings. This set of six electrodes offers reliable performance and compatibility with general snap-on Lead Wires, guaranteeing excellent contact and minimal noise for accurate cardiac assessments.

Key Features:

  1. Exploratory Design: The Silicone ECG Electrodes are specifically designed for exploratory ECG purposes, providing a comprehensive approach to cardiac monitoring.
  2. Set of Six Electrodes: This set includes six silicone ECG electrodes, allowing for versatile placement on the chest to capture comprehensive cardiac signals.
  3. Compatibility with Snap-On Lead Wires: Easily pair the electrodes with general snap-on Lead Wires, ensuring a secure connection, optimal contact, and minimal noise for clear ECG readings.
  4. Precision in Cardiac Monitoring: The electrodes are crafted with precision, offering reliable and accurate readings during cardiac assessments, making them an essential tool for healthcare professionals.
  5. Durable Silicone Construction: Made from high-quality silicone, these electrodes are durable, ensuring longevity and sustained performance through multiple ECG procedures.

Usage: Ideal for use in ECG procedures, Silicone ECG Electrodes offer a reliable and exploratory approach to cardiac monitoring, ensuring precise readings.


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