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Yankauer Suction Set: A Versatile Solution for Surgical and General Suction Procedures

The Yankauer Suction Set stands as a reliable suction device designed for efficient fluid and blood removal during surgical procedures. Versatile and adaptable, this set finds application in general suction purposes as well. The transparent and robust suction handle, available with a bulb or plain open tip, offers control options with or without vents.

Key Features:

  • Transparent Strong Suction Handle: Provides visibility and control during suction procedures.
  • Bulb or Plain Open Tip: Options for varied suction requirements.
  • Ribbed Tube: Two meters of kink-resistant, robust tubing withstands suction pressure.
  • Universal Connector on Both Ends: Soft PVC connectors allow compatibility with Suction Apparatus and Yankauer Suction Tip.
  • Complete Set with Various Tips: Additional suction tips are available upon request for enhanced versatility.

The Yankauer Suction Set extends its utility to oral suctioning, focusing on maintaining a patent airway and improving oxygenation by eliminating mucous secretions and foreign substances from the throat and mouth. This oral suctioning device, commonly known as a yankauer, is adept at removing pharyngeal secretions, making it an effective tool for patients unable to clear secretions through coughing.

Invest in precision, versatility, and quality with the Yankauer Suction Set - an essential for medical professionals aiming for optimal suction performance in diverse clinical scenarios


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