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Yasargil Micro Forceps – 220mm


Yasargil Micro Forceps, available at Jalal Surgical in a length of 220mm, are precision surgical instruments crafted with premium quality German Stainless Steel. The forceps feature a bayonet-shaped design, round jaw, and scooped jaw for versatile use in delicate surgical procedures. The microform handle provides ergonomic control for surgeons. These forceps are non-sterile and reusable, offering durability and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features:

  1. Length: 220mm for precise and controlled handling.
  2. Material: Premium Quality German Stainless Steel ensures reliability and longevity.
  3. Jaw Shape:
    • Bayonet-shaped for specific applications.
    • Round Jaw for versatile use.
    • Scooped Jaw for delicate tasks.
  4. Handle Type: Microform handles for ergonomic control during surgery.
  5. Sterility: Non-sterile, providing reusability for cost-effectiveness.
  6. Material Quality: Clinical Grade and Autoclavable for superior performance.
  7. Surface Finish: Corrosion-resistant, no chrome plating, eliminating the risk of plating peeling off.


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