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1mil, Clear Gusseted Poly Bags, Gusseted End, Pack of 1000.

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  • Discover the ultimate in flexible and reliable packaging with our Clear 1 MIL Gusseted Poly Bags.
  • These bags are designed for maximum versatility and expansion capabilities.
  • Crafted from durable polyethylene material, these bags are transparent, allowing for easy visibility of your items.

Key Features:

  • Size Variety: Choose from 20 different sizes to meet your specific packaging needs.
  • Crystal Clear: The transparent design provides clarity, allowing for easy identification of enclosed items.
  • Gusseted for Expansion: Side gussets allow the bag to expand, accommodating a variety of items and making them ideal for packaging
    bulkier products.
  • Durable 1 MIL Thickness: Constructed with sturdy 1 MIL polyethylene material for durability and reliability.

Additional information


8"x4"x18", 8"x4"x15", 8"x3"x20", 8"x3"x15", 6"x4"x20", 6"x4"x15", 6"x3"x18", 6"x3"x15", 6"x3"x12", 5.5"x4.75"x19", 5"x4"x15", 5"x3.5"x12", 5"x3"x15", 5"x2"x12", 4"x2"x8", 4"x2"x12", 4"x2"x10", 10"x8"x24", 10"x6"x20", 10"x4"x20"


14.3 lbs, 11.8 lbs, 13.7 lbs, 10.7 lbs, 12.8 lbs, 9.5 lbs, 10.9 lbs, 10.8 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 7.3 lbs, 12.9 lbs, 9 lbs, 13 lbs, 7 lbs, 7.9 lbs, 6 lbs, 3.7 lbs, 5 lbs, 4.1 lbs, 26.8 lbs, 20.1 lbs, 17.9 lbs


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