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Ceramic Coated Vannas – 85mm -Microsurgical Scissors

  • Microsurgical precision with our Ceramic Coated Vannas 85mm Scissors.
  • The non-reflective black coating enhances focus during surgeries, while the high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel construction ensures extreme precision.
  • The design features thin and sharp blades, facilitating highly accurate cuts in microsurgical settings. The exceptionally sharp and thin tips enable access to very fine and delicate tissues without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding structures.
  • Whether in ophthalmic procedures where precision is paramount or delicate neurological surgeries, the curved or straight blade options provide versatility. The curvature aids in better access and visibility in tight spaces or when working around delicate structures.
  • Ambidextrous by nature, these spring scissors are designed for both left and right-handed users. Like most surgical instruments, Vannas scissors are serializable, ensuring safe and hygienic use in surgical settings.


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