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Coin Envelopes: Safe Transport & Storage Solution for Patient Films, Pack of 2 Sizes

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  • Our specialized coin envelopes, meticulously designed to ensure the utmost safety and security for the storage and transportation of patient x-ray films. Available in two convenient sizes and three distinct colors—white, manila, and clear—these envelopes are tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Crafted with precision, these envelopes provide a snug and protective fit for your x-ray films, preventing any potential damage or mishandling during transit or storage. Their durable construction safeguards against moisture, dust, and light exposure, preserving the integrity of sensitive medical imagery.
  • The choice of sizes offers flexibility, accommodating various film dimensions without compromising on the envelopes' ability to keep the contents securely in place. Whether it's smaller, more compact films or larger, panoramic x-rays, these envelopes offer a reliable solution for their safekeeping.
  • The white and manila options provide a classic, professional look, ideal for organized filing systems and easy identification. Meanwhile, the clear envelopes offer transparency, allowing quick visual access to film details without the need to open each envelope, streamlining workflow efficiency.
  • Designed to meet stringent quality standards, these coin envelopes prioritize patient confidentiality and comply with healthcare regulations. Their user-friendly design simplifies handling and labeling, ensuring seamless integration into medical facilities, radiology departments, or archival systems.
  • Trust in our coin envelopes for the secure, organized, and efficient management of patient x-ray films, safeguarding critical medical information with every use.

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2.25"x 4.25", 2.25"x 3.5"


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