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Dental Examination Set: Mirror, Probe, and Tweezer

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Enhance your dental practice with stainless steel examination set, featuring essential tools for thorough oral assessments. This comprehensive kit includes:

Dental Tweezers:

  • Ideal for placing and retrieving small objects within the oral cavity.
  • Available in locking or non-locking variants.
  • Features straight or curved tips, with options for serrated or smooth surfaces.

Dental Mirrors:

  • Essential for reflecting light and providing better visibility during examinations.
  • Facilitates tongue and cheek retraction to prevent injuries.
  • Helps illuminate hard-to-reach areas for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Dental Probe:

  • Enables precise measurement of tooth pocket depth, aiding in periodontal assessments.
  • Functions as a reliable ruler for assessing oral health metrics.


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