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Elschnig Fixation Forceps 110mm


Elschnig Fixation Forceps, measuring 110mm in length, are ideal surgical tools designed to securely hold tissues in place during ophthalmologic procedures. This instrument features sharp teeth, making it particularly suitable for fixing and handling the episcleral and conjunctiva while ensuring the stability of the globe.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Ophthalmologic Instrument: Elschnig Fixation Forceps are crafted as precision instruments, ideal for use in various ophthalmologic procedures where secure tissue fixation is crucial.
  2. Sharp Teeth for Secure Holding: The forceps feature sharp teeth that provide a secure grip, making them well-suited for fixing and handling the episcleral and conjunctiva during surgical interventions.
  3. Optimal Length (110mm): With a length of 110mm, these forceps offer optimal control and maneuverability, ensuring surgeons can work with precision in delicate ophthalmologic procedures.
  4. Stability for Globe Fixation: The design of the forceps is particularly focused on providing stability for globe fixation, a critical aspect in ensuring the success of ophthalmologic surgeries.


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