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Glover Bulldog Clamp – Curved, 57mm Total Length, 35mm Jaws


Glover Bulldog Clamp is a versatile surgical instrument designed for temporary occlusion of blood vessels during various surgical procedures. With its curved configuration and precise serrated jaws, this clamp provides surgeons with reliable hemostasis and optimal control over blood flow to specific organs or tissues of interest

Key Features:

  1. Curved Configuration: The Bulldog clamp features a curved design, allowing for easy access and occlusion of blood vessels in anatomically challenging areas. The curved shape enhances maneuverability and facilitates precise placement of the clamp around target vessels, ensuring effective hemostasis and minimizing the risk of tissue damage during surgery.
  2. Serrated Jaws: The clamp is equipped with serrated jaws with a length of 35mm, providing a secure grip on blood vessels while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. The serrations ensure uniform pressure distribution along the vessel, preventing slippage and ensuring reliable occlusion without causing tissue injury or distortion. The jaws are designed to maintain atraumatic contact with the vessel, promoting optimal hemostasis and surgical outcomes.
  3. Lightweight Construction: Crafted from lightweight German medical-grade stainless steel, the Bulldog clamp offers excellent balance and maneuverability during surgical procedures. The lightweight construction reduces hand fatigue and improves surgical precision, allowing for prolonged use without compromising performance or comfort.
  4. Multiple Variations: The Glover Bulldog Clamp is available in multiple variations, including different sizes and configurations, to accommodate the unique requirements of various surgical procedures.
  5. Reusable and Sterilizable: The Bulldog clamp is reusable after sterilization, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for surgical teams.


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