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Moltgen Flexometer – Precision Surgical Steel Instrument for Shape, Thickness, and Balance

  • Introducing the Moltgen Flexometer, a superior surgical steel instrument meticulously designed for precision in measuring shape, thickness, and balance this instrument is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • What sets the Moltgen Flexometer apart is its use of precise machinery in the manufacturing process, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in measurements.
  • This surgical steel instrument surpasses many others in durability, offering an extended lifespan for reliable use in various medical procedures.
  • The Moltgen Flexometer is engineered for longevity, providing exceptional resistance against rust, making it one of the most durable instruments available.
  • Its high stability against disinfection and sterilization processes adds to its reliability in maintaining aseptic conditions in surgical environments.
  • Invest in the Moltgen Flexometer for a surgical steel instrument that goes beyond expectations – where precision meets durability, offering the best stability against rust and high resistance to disinfection and sterilization. Trust in the quality craftsmanship of the Moltgen Flexometer for lasting performance in medical settings.


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