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Mouth Mirror Cone Box – Set of 12 Dental Mirrors for Enhanced Intraoral Observations


Elevate your dental examinations with our Mouth Mirror Cone Box, a set of 12 dental mirrors designed for enhanced intraoral observations. Dental mirrors, also known as mouth mirrors or stomatoscopes, consist of a mirror head and handle, providing the ability to observe areas in the mouth otherwise impossible to see.

Key Features:

  • Set of 12 dental mirrors in a convenient cone box.
  • Designed for enhanced intraoral observations during dental examinations.
  • Consists of a mirror head and handle for comprehensive visibility.
  • Essential tool for dental professionals to observe challenging areas in the mouth.

These dental mirrors are essential instruments for dental professionals seeking a clear and comprehensive view during examinations. The set of 12 mirrors ensures an adequate supply for various procedures and examinations.

Upgrade your dental toolkit with the Mouth Mirror Cone Box, providing the reliability and convenience needed for thorough intraoral observations in dental practice.


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