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MultiSeal: 4 MIL Clear Zip Pharmacy Bags – Extensive Range of 33 Sizes

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  • Discover the versatility and reliability of our MultiSeal 4 MIL Clear Zip Pharmacy Bags, offering an extensive collection of 33 different sizes to accommodate a wide spectrum of storage needs.

  • Crafted with durable 4 MIL LDPE material, these transparent zip bags ensure secure and reusable storage solutions.

  • From smaller dimensions to larger options, these versatile bags are ideal for pharmaceutical, medical, or general storage purposes, providing reliability and convenience.

  • Experience the flexibility of choosing from various sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for different items, while the robust material guarantees protection against external elements.

  • Simplify your storage requirements and ensure organization with these dependable and adaptable zip bags, designed to cater to diverse storage needs.

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3"x5", 3"x4", 3"x3", 6"x8", 2.5"x3", 2"x3", 6"x12", 6"x10", 6"x9", 6"x6", 6"x4", 5"x12", 5"x8", 4"x8", 4"x6", 4"x4", 8"x10", 8"x8", 13"x18", 13"x15", 12"x15", 12"x12", 10"x13", 10"x12", 10"x10", 9"x12", 8"x12", 24"x24", 20"x20", 18"x24", 18"x20", 16"x20", 14"x24"


5.25 lbs, 4.5 lbs, 3.75 lbs, 12.25 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 22.75 lbs, 19.5 lbs, 17.5 lbs, 8.25 lbs, 18 lbs, 13.25 lbs, 10.5 lbs, 5.75 lbs, 25.5 lbs, 20.75 lbs, 36.25 lbs, 29 lbs, 28.25 lbs, 39 lbs, 37.75 lbs, 33 lbs, 34 lbs, 25.5 lbs, 42.5 lbs, 29.5 lbs, 40 lbs, 55.5 lbs, 47.5 lbs, 49.5 lbs


250, 300, 500, 1000


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