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Open-Ended Amber Pharmacy Bags 1000pcs, 2 Mil – UV Protective Tint

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  • Reliability and protection with our Open-Ended Amber Pharmacy Bags.
  • Designed without any end closure, these bags offer convenience in access while providing a safeguard for your contents.
  • The distinctive amber tint of these bags serves as a protective barrier against UV light, effectively shielding the bag's contents from potential damage caused by UV exposure.
  • Ideal for storing light-sensitive items, these bags offer a simple yet effective solution for pharmaceutical, laboratory, or storage needs where UV protection is crucial.
  • Bags are open-ended, they are intended for applications where easy access is prioritized over a sealed closure. Ensure suitability for your specific use case before purchase.
  • UV-blocking properties of these amber-tinted bags to safeguard your sensitive materials, maintaining their integrity and potency.

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8"x 14", 6"x 14", 6"x 10", 3"x 9", 12"x18"


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