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Professional Electrical Impulse Heat Sealers – Ideal for Creating Autoclavable Pouches, 1 Qty.

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Upgrade your sterilization process with our Professional Electrical Impulse Heat Sealers. Available in three convenient sizes, these heat sealers are designed for effortlessly transforming sterilization tubing into secure pouches, ready for insertion into autoclaves. Ensure the safety and integrity of your medical or laboratory equipment with these reliable and easy-to-use heat sealers.

Key Features:

  • Three Size Options: Choose from three sizes to match your specific sterilization tubing requirements, providing flexibility for various applications.
  • Precision Heat Sealing: Our electrical impulse heat sealers deliver precise and reliable seals, creating autoclavable pouches with ease.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for sealing sterilization tubing, these heat sealers are essential for maintaining the sterility of medical instruments and laboratory equipment.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for user-friendly operation, these heat sealers streamline the process of creating sealed pouches for autoclaving.

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16 inch", 12 inch", 8 inch"


15 lbs, 11 lbs, 6 lbs


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