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Red Infectious Waste Bags with Biohazard Symbol – Perforated Roll, English & Spanish Print, Four Sizes

Safely dispose of infectious waste with our vivid Red Infectious Waste Bags, featuring bold black print displaying "Infectious Waste" and a prominent biohazard symbol. Available in four sizes on convenient perforated rolls, these bags ensure secure and hygienic disposal while catering to diverse waste volumes.

Key Features:

  • High Visibility: Vibrant red color with clear, bold print in English and Spanish, featuring "Infectious Waste" and a biohazard symbol for easy identification and comprehension.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in four sizes to accommodate varying volumes of infectious waste, ensuring a proper fit for different disposal needs.
  • Convenient Perforated Roll: Easily tear bags from the roll for efficient and quick use, ideal for healthcare facilities, laboratories, or any environment requiring safe waste disposal.
  • Bilingual Print: Printed in both English and Spanish, promoting clear communication and understanding among diverse users and staff.

Designed for safe and efficient disposal, these Red Infectious Waste Bags provide clear labeling and reliable containment for hazardous waste. Their vibrant color, bilingual print, and range of sizes make them a crucial asset in maintaining safety and hygiene standards in healthcare and laboratory environments.

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13.75"x 10.75", 11"x 14.2", 30"x 36", 14.25"x 18.75", 16"x 24", 40"x 46", 37"x 50", 24"x 24", 37"X 50", 30"x 30", 30"x 43", 24"x 23", 24"x 32", 36"x 48", 38"x 59", 43"x 55", 33"x 39", 12"x 18", 18"x 30"


1.25 mil, 1.5 Mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, 1.3 Mil, 4 mil, 3.2 Mil


20-30 Gallon, 1 gallon, 2 Gallon, 3 gallon, 5-6 gallon, 40-45 Gallon, 44 Gallon, 7-10 Gallon, 15-20 gallon, 8-10 Gallon, 40-45 Gallon, 12-16 Gallon, 50-60 gallon, 55-65 gallon, 35-40 gallon, 2-5 gallon


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