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Secure 95kPa: Premium Non-Biohazard Mailers Transport Bags

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Product Description:

Safeguard your shipments of hazardous materials during air transport with our robust 95kPa transport bags. Engineered to endure rigorous conditions, these bags guarantee containment without any leakage, even under pressure differentials exceeding 95kPa.

Key Features:

Reliable Design: Crafted to withstand extreme internal pressure, ensuring your hazardous cargo remains securely contained throughout transit.

Permanent Adhesive Closure: Seamlessly seals the bag, providing a tamper-resistant closure for added security.

Document Pouch: Equipped with a convenient back pocket for essential documents, enabling easy access and visibility during handling.

Versatile Sizes: Available in a range of sizes to accommodate various shipment requirements.

Notable Advantages:Stock 6×10 bags are offered in red, yellow, and clear variants, catering to specific preferences or categorization needs. Furthermore, these bags can be customized through low minimum order quantities, enabling personalized printing for identification or branding purposes.

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10.125"x 14" (100), 13.125"x 18" (100), 9"x 12" (300), 10.125"x 14" (250), 13.125"x 18" (100), 6"x 9" (700)


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