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Taylor Hammer – The Ultimate Forging Companion for Longevity and Strength

  • The Taylor Hammer stands as the ultimate forging companion, embodying longevity and strength in every strike. Its silicone triangular head, featuring a beveled apex and base, is designed to elicit myotatic reflexes with precision.
  • Crafted for medical practitioners, the soft base and rounded apex of the hammer are perfectly suited for provoking myotatic responses.
  • Ideal for obtaining chest sounds and percussing the abdomen, this versatile tool is a staple in clinical examinations.
  • The weighted chrome-plated zinc-alloy handle is a testament to meticulous design, offering precise balance for increased control of percussion force.
  • Beyond its forging capabilities, the handle is ingeniously equipped with a pointed tip, making it ideal for eliciting cutaneous and plantar reflexes.
  • Experience the Taylor Hammer – a tool that goes beyond its primary function, catering to the intricate needs of medical practitioners seeking accuracy and control in reflex examinations.


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