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Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps 115mm


Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps, measuring 115mm in length, are specialized instruments designed to assist doctors in packing gauze during ear procedures and delivering medications into the external ear canal. With serrated handles for dexterity, cross-acting shafts for controlled movements, and multiple jaws for diverse indications, these Ear Forceps play a crucial role in treating ear diseases

  1. Serrated Handles for Dexterity: Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps feature serrated handles, providing surgeons with the dexterity needed for precise and controlled movements during ear procedures.
  2. Cross-Acting Shafts for Controlled Movements: The cross-acting shafts ensure controlled movements, allowing doctors to navigate and manipulate with precision during delicate ear surgeries.
  3. Multiple Jaws for Diverse Indications: Designed with multiple jaws, these forceps cater to diverse indications in ear procedures, making them versatile and suitable for various surgical scenarios.

Intended Uses:

  • Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps are ideal for ear procedures, assisting doctors in packing gauzes and delivering medications into the external ear canal.
  • Suitable for treating ear diseases by efficiently managing infections and relieving painful congestion.


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