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Yasargil-Samii Tumor Forceps – 240mm


Yasargil-Samii Tumor Forceps are specialized surgical instruments designed for use in neurosurgical procedures, particularly for handling tumors. These forceps are crafted with precision to provide surgeons with optimal control and maneuverability during delicate procedures.

Key Features:

  • Bayonet-Shaped Design: The forceps feature a bayonet-shaped design for enhanced reach and maneuverability in neurosurgical applications.
  • Round Jaw: Equipped with a round jaw for secure gripping and handling of tumors during procedures.
  • Scooped Jaw: The scooped jaw design aids in the precise manipulation and removal of tumor tissues.
  • Microform Handle: The forceps are designed with a microform handle for a comfortable grip, allowing surgeons to perform procedures with control and precision.
  • Non-Sterile and Reusable: These forceps are non-sterile and reusable, adhering to quality standards for multiple applications after proper sterilization.


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