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2 mil Temperature-Sensitive Autoclavable Biohazard Waste Bags (Pack of 500)

  • Ensure compliance and safety in biohazard waste disposal with our Temperature-Sensitive Autoclavable Biohazard Waste Bags. Designed for facilities generating biohazardous waste, these bags are indispensable for meeting disposal guidelines and requirements.
  • Following autoclaving, these bags undergo a transformative temperature-sensitive printing that clearly indicates "Contents Have Been Autoclaved." This feature provides immediate visual confirmation, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and standards.
  • Every bag meets the Federal Standard for Autoclave Bags, guaranteeing reliability and consistency in waste disposal procedures.
  • These bags offer peace of mind by effectively communicating the completion of the autoclaving process, mitigating risks associated with biohazardous waste.
  • Invest in these autoclavable bags to maintain a compliant and safe environment.
  • Ensure proper disposal while reassuring staff and stakeholders of the successful autoclaving of biohazard waste.

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8"x12", 12"x24", 14"x19", 19"x24", 24"x30", 24"x36", 25"x35", 28"x36", 31"x38", 37"x48"


Red, Orange, Yellow, Clear


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