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3×3 Teeth-Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps -195mm

Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps, with a length of 195mm, stand as indispensable surgical instruments specifically designed to aid surgeons in the meticulous separation and dissection of perithyroid tissues during goitre surgeries. These forceps play a crucial role in holding and cutting tissues associated with the superior thyroid pedicle, offering precision and control in surgical interventions.

  1. Versatile Length Options: Available in different length options, including 155mm forceps with 3×3 teeth, these instruments cater to diverse surgical approaches. The length and tooth configuration provides surgeons with options suitable for varied patient needs and anatomical considerations.
  2. Capacious Finger Rings for Controlled Movements: The forceps feature capacious finger rings that facilitate controlled movements during surgical procedures. The design prioritizes surgeon comfort and precision, ensuring optimal maneuverability during tissue dissection.
  3. Ratchet Locks for Self-Retaining Clamps: Equipped with ratchet locks, these forceps offer a self-retaining clamping mechanism. This feature is particularly valuable during surgeries, providing surgeons with a stable and secure grip on parathyroid tissues for consistent and controlled dissection.
  4. Two Profiles for Diverse Approaches: The forceps are designed with two distinct profiles to accommodate diverse surgical approaches. Surgeons can choose the profile that best suits the specific requirements of the goiter surgery, enhancing the instrument's adaptability and utility.


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