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Collin-Duval Intestinal Forceps (195mm and 200mm)

The Collin-Duval Intestinal Forceps in both 195mm and 200mm lengths are specialized surgical instruments designed to provide surgeons with reliable and secure gripping of bulky tissues during various surgical procedures. With their serrated tips, broad jaws, and fenestrations, these forceps offer enhanced grip and protection of soft tissues, making them indispensable tools in general, gynecological, orthopedic, and other specialized surgeries.

Key Features:

  1. Serrated Tips: The forceps feature serrated tips that ensure a secure grip on tissues, minimizing slippage and enhancing surgical precision.
  2. Broad Jaws: Designed with broad jaws, these forceps are ideal for gripping bulky tissues, providing surgeons with the ability to manipulate tissues effectively during surgical procedures.
  3. Fenestrations: The forceps are equipped with fenestrations that help protect soft tissues from damage while ensuring a secure grip, reducing the risk of tissue trauma during manipulation.


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