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Museux Uterine Tenaculum Forceps – 200mm

Museux Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 200mm are specialized obstetric and gynecological instruments commonly employed by surgeons to grasp, hold, and mobilize the uterus and its adnexal tissues. These forceps play a crucial role in facilitating surgical exposure of the uterine area and enabling precise tissue dissection during gynecological procedures.

Key Features:

  1. 2 x 2 Curved Prongs: Featuring 2 x 2 curved prongs, the forceps offer excellent grasping action, allowing surgeons to securely hold and mobilize the uterus and its adnexal tissues. The curved prongs are designed to conform to the contours of the uterine anatomy, ensuring optimal tissue engagement and manipulation.
  2. Ratchet System: Equipped with a ratchet system, the forceps feature self-locking jaws that enable surgeons to securely grasp and hold tissues in place during surgical procedures. The ratchet mechanism ensures precise control over the clamping force, allowing surgeons to maintain consistent tissue traction and manipulation.
  3. Boxlock Joint: The forceps incorporate a boxlock joint, facilitating smooth and seamless closure of the prongs against each other. This feature enables precise tissue manipulation with minimal effort, enhancing surgical efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Ergonomic Finger Rings: Designed with ergonomic finger rings, the forceps ensure superior control and comfort during surgical procedures. The ergonomic design of the finger rings reduces hand fatigue and provides surgeons with a secure grip, enabling prolonged and precise tissue manipulation.


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