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Bergh Cilia Forceps 85mm – Precision Ophthalmic Instrument for Atraumatic Cilia Extraction


Bergh Cilia Forceps, with a length of 85mm, is a specialized ophthalmic tool designed for surgeons performing delicate procedures on the eyelids. This forceps is commonly used to grasp, statically hold, and pull out cilia from the edges of the eyelids, creating optimal conditions for blepharoplasty or managing conditions like blepharitis marginalis.

Key Features:

  1. Inner Serrated Surfaces for Minimized Local Damage: The forceps are equipped with inner serrated surfaces on each tip, strategically designed to minimize local damage during cilia extraction. These serrations enhance grip while reducing the risk of trauma to the surrounding tissue.
  2. Slanted Tip Edges for Enhanced Grasping Action: The slanted-edged tips of the forceps provide an increased grasping surface, allowing surgeons to efficiently grasp and extract cilia. The slanted design enhances the forceps' ability to hold and manage cilia during ophthalmic procedures.
  3. Ergonomic Spring Handle for Precise Control: Featuring an ergonomic spring handle, the forceps ensure the surgeon has precise control during procedures. The handle is designed for comfort, facilitating ease of use and contributing to the overall precision of cilia extraction.


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