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Berliner Percussion Hammers 200mm: Precision Tools for Neurological Reflex Assessments


Experience precision in neurological assessments with the Berliner Percussion Hammers 200mm, finely crafted from stainless steel. These specialized surgical instruments play a pivotal role in medical examinations, particularly in neurological investigations.

Key Features:

  • Muscle-Stretch Reflex Release: Specifically designed to release muscle-stretch reflexes, including the Achilles tendon reflex or Patella reflex, enhancing the scope of neurological assessments.
  • Comprehensive Reflex Measurement: Measures the intensity of reflex responses to evaluate both central and peripheral nerve damage. Results may manifest as hyperreflexia or an increase in reflexes, as well as hyperflexia or decreased reflexes.
  • Reflex Readiness Determination: The intensity of the stimulus is a crucial factor in determining reflex readiness, providing valuable insights into neurological conditions.
  • Specialized for Neurological Assessments: Tailored for use in neurological assessments, the Berliner Percussion Hammer aids in evaluating reflexes and muscle tone in patients.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability, precision, and hygiene in medical procedures.


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