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Bonaccolto Conjunctival Forceps 110mm


Bonaccolto Conjunctival Forceps, with a length of 110mm, are specialized instruments tailored for ophthalmic surgeries. Here are the key features:

  • Purpose: Designed for ophthalmic surgeons, these forceps are instrumental in grasping, holding, and stabilizing delicate tissues, particularly the conjunctiva. They find applications in various eye procedures such as glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery.
  • Grooved Tips with Serration: The forceps are crafted with grooved tips that incorporate serrations. This design enhances clamping efficacy, providing a secure grip on fragile tissues without causing damage. The serration ensures a firm hold.
  • Tip Size Variety: Available in various tip sizes, these forceps accommodate a spectrum of applications in ophthalmic surgery. Surgeons can select the appropriate size based on the specific needs of the procedure, allowing for greater versatility.
  • Ergonomic Spring Handle: The forceps feature an ergonomic spring handle, ensuring maximum control for the surgeon. This design promotes precise and controlled manipulation of tissues during surgery, contributing to the overall ease of use.
  • Pin Lock Mechanism: Incorporating a pin lock mechanism, the forceps allow surgeons to control the closure degree of the jaws. This feature adds an extra layer of precision and customization to the instrument's functionality, enhancing its suitability for intricate eye surgeries.


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