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Cottle Grasping Forceps -140mm


Cottle Grasping Forceps, measuring 140mm in length, are specialized instruments designed to assist doctors in holding and retracting soft tissues during nasal surgeries. With serrated handles for firm and controlled manipulations, bayonet shafts for ideal visual access, and straight blades with inner serrations for non-slip grasps, these forceps enable precise and efficient treatment of nasal diseases.

Key Features:

  1. Serrated Handles for Firm and Controlled Manipulations: The forceps are equipped with serrated handles, providing a firm and controlled grip for the manipulation of soft tissues during nasal surgeries.
  2. Bayonet Shafts for Ideal Visual Access: Featuring bayonet-shaped shafts, these forceps offer ideal visual access during delicate nasal procedures, ensuring surgeons can work with precision.
  3. Straight Blades with Inner Serrations for Non-Slip Grasps: The straight blades with inner serrations provide non-slip grasps on nasal tissues, allowing surgeons to grasp and retract skin during rhinoplasty surgeries.
  4. Designed for Nasal Surgeries: Cottle Grasping Forceps are specifically designed for nasal surgeries, including rhinoplasty, where they assist in repairing the nose by holding and suturing parts of the septum.
  • Cottle Grasping Forceps are ideal for holding and retracting soft tissues in nasal surgeries.
  • Used in rhinoplasty procedures to grasp skin for suturing parts of the septum, repairing fractures, or removing deviations.


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