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Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps without Ratchet – 180mm


Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps, boasting a length of 180mm and featuring a ratchet mechanism, stand as a versatile surgical instrument designed to assist surgeons across various specialties. This forceps facilitates the effective packing of wounds and absorption of blood and fluids, ensuring an unobstructed view of the surgical field.

Key Features:

  1. Serrated Jaws with Fenestration: The forceps are equipped with solid jaws featuring serrated opposing surfaces. The inclusion of an oval fenestration in the jaws enhances the instrument's capability to grasp drapes and allows surgeons to apply a saline solution through the fenestration for efficient cleaning of dry fluids.
  2. Elongated Straight Shafts: The forceps come with elongated, straight shafts that facilitate deep access to surgical sites. These shafts contribute to the instrument's effectiveness in reaching and maneuvering within vital areas during procedures.
  3. Ratchet Mechanism: A ratchet mechanism integrated between the shafts ensures a self-locking grasping action. This feature enhances control and stability during wound-packing and fluid-absorption procedures, providing surgeons with an additional level of precision.
  4. Ergonomic Finger Rings: Designed for user comfort and control, the forceps are equipped with ergonomic finger rings. These rings ensure that surgeons can manipulate the instrument with precision and ease during surgical interventions.

Intended Uses:

  • Wound Packing: The Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps, enhanced without ratchet mechanism, are particularly well-suited for effective wound packing. Surgeons can utilize the instrument to pack wounds with precision, promoting optimal healing conditions.
  • Fluid Absorption: The forceps play a crucial role in absorbing blood and other fluids from the surgical site. This fluid absorption capability ensures a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical field, enabling surgeons to perform procedures with enhanced visibility.
  • Grasping Drapes: With serrated jaws featuring fenestration and the added benefit of a ratchet mechanism, the forceps excel in securely grasping drapes. This is essential in maintaining a sterile and controlled surgical environment.


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