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Jameson Dissecting Scissors – 150mm, Delicate with Sharp Tips


Jameson Dissecting Scissors, featuring sharp tips and a length of 150mm, are designed for precise dissection needs. Ideal for dissecting fine tissues such as vessels, nerves, organ membranes, and cutting sutures, these scissors are a valuable tool in surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  • Sharp Tips: Specifically designed for precise dissection needs, minimizing tissue damage.
  • Narrow Tenotomy Blades: Tailored for precise dissection of delicate tissues, enabling surgeons to isolate dissection planes with accuracy.
  • Delicate Sharp Edges: Allows the scissors to easily pass through tissues without causing damage.
  • Rivet Screw Joint: Facilitates smooth instrument handling for enhanced control during dissection.
  • Supercut Version: Features serrated bevel blades for secure grasping of slippery tissues, preventing tearing and damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Ergonomic Ring Handles: Improve control over dissection, reducing user fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Lightweight and Streamlined Body: Minimizes user fatigue, ensuring comfort during surgical procedures.


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